Chemeketa Courier

Museum: The final act

By Jessica Barajas
From a photographer snapping photos of artwork, to a guard trying to survive the day, to overly enthusiastic visitors, Museum demonstrates events that might occur in a contemporary art gallery.

Instead, it’s a theater production

The satire is written by Tina Howe and is directed by Jay Gipson-King, a part-time instructor at Chemeketa.

The play is set in the gallery of an art museum on the final day of a group show..

A look into internet piracy

By Brian Leupold

Pirating files from the internet is illegal, addicting, and changing the way that we consume and distribute media.
A war is raging around the globe, one that reaches this very campus. And with no simple solution in sight, the fight continues.
Piracy is nothing new.
Back in the 1980s, people were copying floppy discs and trading games for their Apple IIe. Programs such as Disc Muncher stripped games of their copy protection and made it simple to illegally share the software.

Students aid Nicaraguans

By Ryan Peterson

While most people were relaxing during Spring Break, one Chemeketa class was in Nicaragua, providing healthcare to children.

The class, HUM120 International Community Service in Action, working with AMOS Health and Hope, went to remote villages in Nicaragua to provide healthcare to children up to 5 years old.

First Fridays contest entices student pride

By Betty Dover

Chemeketa students are never ones to shy away from a challenge, big or small.

Last November, college president Cheryl Roberts issued students and staff one such challenge: to see who could show the most school pride on the First Friday of each month until June.

First Fridays is a day that is set aside to celebrate the college. Students and staff are encouraged to wear Chemeketa apparel on the first Friday of the month from now through the end of spring term in June to win prizes.

Show sizzles with sustainability

By Shad Russell

The third annual Chemeketa Eco-Fashion Show hit the runway last Friday.

The show is held each year in an effort to show people how much can be done with recycled materials, such as plastic bags, paper, and packing peanuts. It also is designed to encourage people to lessen their carbon footprint on the planet.

Parting not really such sweet sorrow

By Shad Russell

Chemeketa’s theater department is living out its last days.

The closure, to many, has a deeper meaning than one might imagine.

It’s not just the loss of plays for the students. According to Terry Rohse, the technical and auditorium coordinator for the theater department, it is a loss of something more crucial to a student’s full development on the path of becoming mature, successful adults.

Storm excel against top-ranked Mt. Hood

By Joaquin Aguilar

Storm baseball spirits are running high after a recent victory over the Mt. Hood Saints, the Southern Region’s top-ranked team.

The April 23 win against Mt. Hood (12-4 in league play) improved Chemeketa to a 5-11 record.

Woes continue for softball team

By Nick Hill

Chemeketa’s softball team continues to struggle against its Southern Region opponents, losing four of its past six games.

Chemeketa is now 2-8 against league foes.