Chemeketa Courier

First Fridays contest entices student pride

By Betty Dover

Chemeketa students are never ones to shy away from a challenge, big or small.

Last November, college president Cheryl Roberts issued students and staff one such challenge: to see who could show the most school pride on the First Friday of each month until June.

First Fridays is a day that is set aside to celebrate the college. Students and staff are encouraged to wear Chemeketa apparel on the first Friday of the month from now through the end of spring term in June to win prizes.

For Emily DuPlessis, the Public Affairs Manager, the idea is pleasing.

“I have noticed since we have been doing the First Fridays, there are so many more people wearing Chemeketa gear all around, and I really love seeing that,” she said.

If you are bursting with school pride, you’d better hurry, however: Only two chances remain this year to show that you have more pride than your schoolmates, and to join in the fun.

Roberts said, “The school spirit is sort of catching on. I see people wearing their Chemeketa clothes almost every Friday now.”

Roberts said that each month would feature a different theme for the First Fridays. The themes and dates are as follows:

May 6, Chemeketa Flair: All Things Chemeketa;

June 3, Spring Celebration: Fashion Show and barbecue.

The fashion show categories include:

• Most Chemeketa gear;

• Sports outfits;

• Retro Chemeketa clothes;

• EMT; and

• Nursing.

Roberts said, “There will be some exciting surprises at the picnic in June.”

The barbecue will be offered on June 6.

For more information about First Fridays, contact DuPlessis at 503-399-2517, or via email at