Chemeketa Courier

Softball not out yet

By Aaron Polk

After a rocky start, Chemeketa’s softball team is gradually gaining momentum after a 7-2 win against Blue Mountain.

Before the recent win, the Storm had lost seven straight games.

This year’s team consists of a mix of both experienced and inexperienced players, with first-year team members and five sophomores.

Chemeketa students to clean wetlands at McKay

By Shad Russell

Chemeketa students have a reputation for helping out in their community.

The college’s history with McKay High School, which began this year, is a good example.

Peter Starr, Chemeketa’s civil engagement coordinator, said, “We started doing a mentoring program with McKay this year for the first time as a part of our Americorps program that Kris Katkus is head of.

Celebrating Cesar Chavez

By Ryan Peterson

Que vamos hacer: What are we going to do?”

Those words, spoken by Leo Rasca, who met Cesar Chavez, were repeated many times during Rasca’s Chemeketa speech during the recent Cesar Chavez celebration.

The event, which took place from 1 to 3 p.m. April 13 in the Student Center of Bldg. 2, included traditional Spanish music and dance, a poetry reading, and speeches from community members and Chemeketa students.

Spotlights shine on classics


By Jordan Liudahl

Dear Chemeketa students:
We are pleased to inform you that no longer will you have to spend your Wednesday evenings twiddling your thumbs, staring blindly at your homework, or wondering if Salem has anything to provide in terms of entertainment.

Spring term is upon us, which also means the resurgence of the “Wednesday Evening Film Series” in Salem.

So put down your 360 controllers, turn off the latest media blitz update of celebrity gossip, and add some culture to your diet.

Storm chases playoffs

By Joaquin Aguilar

The baseball team’s regular season roller coaster resumes after Chemeketa’s most recent outings against its Southern Region foes.

Chemeketa is currently boasting a 3-7 league record; the team is 6-15 overall.

AIDS: Knowledge is power

By Shad Russell

June 1 marked HIV awareness day at Chemeketa.

The day was focused on the stories of two speakers, Richard Lefevre and Jonathan Reitan, both of whom are living with HIV or AIDS.

HIV becomes considered AIDS when an individual’s T-cell count drops below 200.

Reitan knows the challenges of living with AIDS.

“I am 26 years old, and I am living with aids,” he said.

Diversity is fashionable again

By Shad Russell 

Diversity took the stage last Thursday in the Student Center. 

The event, which started at approximately 4:15 in the student center, drew in a large crowd anxious to see the concepts dreamed up by the three designers.

The first designer, Arturo Sandoval, a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and Straight Club, designed four dresses and one men’s style.

The second designer, SuRekha Guzman a student majoring in fashion marketing, designed three women’s dresses.

Montez Bailey’s legacy lives on

By Caitlyn Lehner 

The hard work of Chemeketa’s One Body Club and various Chemeketa staff members has paid off – literally.

The Montez Bailey Scholarship Dinner raised approximately $2,000, according to Matt Rauch, the One Body Club’s president. 

Rauch said that the $2,000, along with $500 donated from the Juntos Club, the money raised at the One Body Club’s car wash, and the money donated from the Arts of Mentoring Club brought the overall total to $2,812.05.

“With our goal being $2,000, I am more than happy with how this event and fund-raiser turned out. Seeing all these people come together for such a great cause warms my heart,” he said.

Student Art Exhibit

By Jessica Barajas

The Student Art Show, located in Chemeketa’s Art Gallery, started at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 25 and will continue until June 3.

The show consists of paintings, drawings, photographs, and clay, glass, and bronze sculptures. Each student went through a jury process that consisted of local artists.

Various awards and scholarships were given to students on May 25. The People’s Choice Award Winners will be announced on June 3.

Civil Technology program cut

By Annette E. Earl

Change is the sign of the times.

With today’s economy and job market slump, Chemeketa’s programs are not exempt from the reaches of budget cuts and downsizing. 

The Civil Technology program is one of the latest to be affected.

Mark Thorp, an adjunct faculty member, teaches civil engineering and drafting classes at Chemeketa.

He said, “Civil Technology is a part of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering encompasses roads, highways, buildings, utilities, and everything else you see and use every day that you don’t think about.”