Chemeketa Courier

Art Gallery honors its namesake, Gretchen Schuette

By Gage Jordan

Since 1982, Chemeketa’s art gallery has not had an official name, until now.

On Oct. 21, Chemeketa’s art gallery was formally dedicated to Gretchen Schuette, the former college president who retired in 2007.

A cheerful crowd of artists, friends, and Chemeketa staff attended the formal dedication this past Friday.

More than 80 people attended the hour-long celebration.

Schuette donated a substantial amount of money to Chemeketa’s art program while she was president. Her most recent contribution was for $487,000.

Spooky Clubs Fair entertains students

By Tyler Ross

You may have spotted something strange in the neighborhood as you walked through Bldg. 2 last week.

It could be that you saw the man dressed as a shark or the women who were walking around with their entire face painted and wondered what was going on.

The answer was simple: It was another year for the annual Chemeketa Clubs Fair, as members staffed tables and handed out information about their clubs on Oct. 19.

“It was a Halloween theme; every costume represented each table really well,” Enoch Aggrey, a Chemeketa student, said.

College Life offices help all

By Devin Swift

The word is out: get the 4-1-1 on how to succeed at Chemeketa by being involved in the Student Retention and College Life office.

It may have a long title, but students and staff agree that the College Life office is one of the biggest allies to have on your side during your college experience.

“This office is here to support all students needing encouragement to continue. We also assist students seeking support services that will help them offset the cost of going to school,” Manuel Guerra, the director of the Student Retention and College Life office, said.

Halloween Dance Concert

By Jonathan Castro Monroy

If you’re looking for an exciting and spooky time this month, consider attending Premiere Academy of Performing Arts Halloween Dance Concert this Friday and Saturday

After five years of eerie entertainment at Chemeketa, the dance performers are ready for action this Halloween.

Jessica Gallant, a Chemeketa student and a veteran performer for the group, said that, “The audience should come prepared to experience many different styles of dance, as well as some fun themes and costumes. Everything from modern to salsa, a little bit of ballet, as well as some hip hop, there is something for everyone.”

Chemeketa students help Occupy Salem

By Brian Cooper
More than 500 people gathered on Oct. 10 at the Oregon State Capitol Building to protest corporate greed and other issues.

The event marked the first rally of Occupy Salem, a group that rose in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests, which began in New York in mid-September to protest corporate greed and social injustice.

The protest covers issues that affect a wide range of people, a group the activists call the 99 percent.

A large swath of people of all ages attended the rally; included were Chemeketa students and students from other colleges and universities in the area, veterans, and area activists.

Men’s soccer team Storms to the top

By Tyler Ross
With a 7-3 win agaisnt Pierce College, the men’s soccer team headed into the weekend agaisnt Clark College tied for first place in the south region.

The Storm came out strong scoring two goals, both by Felipe Heredia. It was 2-0 going into the half.

During break marty kept the kids in focus to keep the lead.

“Keep focused; the game is 2-0, but in our heads its 0-0,” Tyler Pummel, a sophomore player, said of his thinking during the half.

Heredia kept pouring in the goals, however, adding another score at the beginning of the second half and giving him a hat trick on the day.

“After Felipe scored that goal from 30 yards out, it got everyone pumped. Everyone thought we had the game right then,” Alberto Gomez, a second-year player, said.

Foundation receives largest single donation in history

By Tavis Evans
Gretchen Schuette, a former Chemeketa president, continued her long-standing contributions to the college by recently giving a $487,000 to the Chemeketa Community College Foundation.

According to the Chemeketa Foundation, the gift represents the largest single donation in Chemeketa’s 41-year history.

“In the middle of my presidency, I had such a positive feeling about Chemeketa and its importance to students and the community that I decided to create a gift that would keep working long after I retired,” Schuette, who was president from 2001 to 2007, said.

First-Year Experience class helps new students navigate

By Jonathan Castro Monroy
Attention, new students of Chemeketa: If you’re on your way to earning a transfer degree, or are in a two-year degree program, then Chemeketa has a perfect class for you.

The class is titled First-year Experience (FYE105). It is taught by a variety of faculty and staff members and is offered numerous times during each term.

According to Kim Martin, a Chemeketa counselor and an FYE instructor, if success in life is a must and not a choice for you, and if your long-term goal is to have an outstanding career, a high monthly income, or to simply succeed, then you might want to consider looking into First-year Experience.

“The purpose of FYE is to orientate the new college student and to provide skills that will take the student to new levels of thinking and new ways of attacking life and school issues,” Martin said.

Teresa Massey, who has been teaching the class since it was first established in 2008, said that it has provided students with an extra edge in achieving the ultimate goal of attaining success, both in their personal life and during their college years.

Regional artists look at the affects of 9/11

By Katie Bender

The Chemeketa Art Gallery opened a new show this past week, titled “Where Are We Now?”

The show features artwork that looks at the effects that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks have had on our society.

Two receptions were held during the afternoon and evening of Oct. 5 in the gallery in Bldg. 3. Chemeketa students and staff were among the visitors.

Several of the artists whose works were featured in the show also attended. They mingled with the crowd, looked at the art, and shared observations about their work.

World-famous tennis coach visits Chemeketa

By Brian E. Tyson
On the fourth day of class, students enrolled in Timothy Catlin’s fall term tennis class were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Oscar Wegner, a world-famous tennis coach and a longtime friend of Catlin’s, made a guest appearance on Chemeketa courts to help teach a few tricks of the trade to the students.
Wegner is a pioneer in the field of coaching tennis and the creator of the Modern Tennis Methodology.
“Modern Tennis Methodology is a new way of teaching the sport,” he said.