Chemeketa Courier

Computer labs are plentiful at Chemeketa

By Carrie Ward

Whether you’re taking a class in the classroom or online, you should have no trouble finding a computer at Chemeketa’s Salem campus.

Students use computers for many reasons, from homework to tests and online classes. At Chemeketa, there are many places to find a computer to use.

David Mayer, a criminal justice major, said, “I hate having to bring my laptop to school, so it is nice to have computers on campus that I can use in between classes.”

Many students now take online classes; eLearn is the system that the college uses for its online classes.

“I like that I can finish all my online homework on a campus computer,” Mayer said.

Students who aren’t taking online classes but who need to use computers on campus have many options.

The language lab, in Bldg. 3-257, features 33 computers for students who are taking a language course.

Jelka Roelofs, who helps run the language lab, said, “For students registered in an ESOL, or foreign language class, the language lab would be helpful to them.”

Anyone with questions about the language lab can call Roelofs at 503-399-5290.

Computers also are available in the computer lab, the library and College Writing Center, the business technology lab, and in the Tutoring Center in Bldg. 2.

The computer lab is an open resource that is available for all current Chemeketa students. This particular lab runs a Windows operating system in Bldg. 6-218.

According to Chemeketa’s website, instructional assistants are available to help with software applications. The phone number is 503-399-5237.

The library in Bldg. 9 has 47 computers for general use. The computers give access to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and a variety of other software.

Michele Burke, a reference librarian, said, “The library staff is here to help students with whatever needs the students have.”

Students who need help with learning how to use any of the software can speak with the instructional assistants who are on duty in the library.

For business technology students, a closed lab is now available in Bldg. 3-268 for their use.

Additional information is available by accessing the college’s official website. Information about the computers on campus also is available by contacting individual course instructors.