Chemeketa Courier

Chemeketa’s parking lots get some color

By Chris Curry

Lost cars may be a thing of the past.
This year you might have noticed the installation of some new signs around the Salem campus parking lots. The previous signs that were displayed in the lots, notifying students and visitors alike as to where they were parking their cars, were often described as small, black, and unattractive.
Bill Kohlmeyer, the college’s director of Public Safety, said, “The new attractive signage was added to help provide better directions for the students.”
The new signage has been well-received by those students who have noticed them.
Nancy Plagmann, a second-year student, said “I did not know that the parking lots were color coded until the new signs were installed.”
Mike Podrybau, another second-year student, said, “The new signs work well for me, except for the one placed at the corner of South Campus Loop and Cooley Drive. This one obstructs my view of Cooley when turning left off of South Campus.”
Having to explain where you parked to someone who might be looking for you also has become relatively easy because of the installation of the new signs.
Fallyn Guananga, a second-year student, said, “I was meeting up with someone to get a book and [suggested] that we should meet in the Blue Lot, where I was parked.”
Guananga said that the suggestion made the transaction easy to accomplish.
Well-placed signage is a positive thing for visitors as well as students when navigating through unfamiliar areas. Jerry Bone, a non-student who recently visited the campus, said, “The signs are easy to read and helped me remember where I parked.”