Chemeketa Courier

Get fit with Eugene

By Eugene Heuberger
Greetings fellow Chemeketa students.
For the remainder of spring term, I’ll be your guide to better health through physical activity and your link to Chemeketa’s fitness culture.
A bit about myself: like many of you, I felt the financial squeeze from college shortly after arriving. With limited time and money, the first thing I stopped doing was going to the gym.
After a term of steady inactivity and weight gain, I began to look for a style of fitness that was free, flexible, and fun. Eventually, I settled on a combination of calisthenics, yoga, and plyometrics.
For about a year and a half now, I have been steadily training and studying nutrition with the guiding philosophy that physical fitness should be free to everyone.
Since developing a daily routine, I’ve met bboys, free-runners, weight-lifters, dancers, and amateur bodybuilders.
Each sect of modern physical culture brings its own perspectives and training styles to the table; each has something valuable that can be learned from it. This column will attempt to show different perspectives on exercise.
If you wish to promote an unofficial group activity, such as running or volleyball, you can do so here.
Each week, I’ll present a different workout that can be performed without weights.
The Week 5 workout is for beginning strength builders:
Traditional Pushups: 2×10
Slow Squats: 2×10
Sit-ups: 2×20
Jog/Walk: 20 min.
Any of the above exercises can be modified as necessary.
Until next time, farewell.

Eugene can be found most mornings in Bldg. 7 training by the stall bars.
If you have a fitness question or wish to promote an athletic event, contact, or post to the Courier’s twitter account.