Chemeketa Courier

Chemeketa offers free study skills workshops

By Tokiko Kabua

Do you want to improve your test scores, reading skills, math skills or other skills?

Chemeketa offers free workshops from 1 from 1:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Study Skills Center in Bldg. 2-212.

Teresa Massey, a study skills consultant, said the workshops are held to help students and to provide advice on study strategies. They’re designed for all Chemeketa students who are interested in improving their studies.

The workshops are a long-time fixture at the college.

Massey said, “They were being done before I came to Chemeketa, but I have been doing them for about 10 years now.”

Massey said she gets her tips for the workshops from multiple sources:  current research, colleagues, study skills textbooks, and her own experiences with students.

Chemeketa student Ed Lopez said that he had attended all of the workshops since the current term began and found that they have helped him.

Lopez said, “I attend the workshops to get useful information, and also because I get 15 points each time I attend a workshop.”

Some instructors give out points to their students just for attending the workshops. It is helpful to those who want higher grades.

Massey said that students could either attend the workshops on campus or view the ones that are available online. She said the online workshops are similar to the ones offered in the Study Skills Center; students must register using the CRNs in the study skills website.

The workshops are free.


If you want to learn more or attend a workshops, you can go to or visit the Tutoring Center in Bldg. 2.