Chemeketa Courier

Student show is on display at Chemeketa art gallery

By Amitpal Bains
The Chemeketa Art Gallery in Bldg. 3 is currently featuring a display of student artworks.
According to Deborah Trousdale, the coordinator for the gallery, “We have a very active art department, and our students are very serious about what they do.”
Trousdale said students created the art and submitted them to the art faulty. The faulty members then chose two outside jurors who selected the art for this year’s student display.
“It is important to get outside jurors for student shows so that there is no appearance of favoritism,” Trousdale said.
Not all of the artwork that was submitted for consideration made it into the show. According to Trousdale, 114 pieces were submitted this year; 62 were selected.
The pieces that didn’t make it were returned to the students.
Chemeketa’s art faculty also offers for sale some of the paintings to raise money for art supplies.
“We try to sell it if we can. The gallery takes a percentage, which goes into a self-support fund and is used for gallery expenses,” Trousdale said.
Chemeketa student who have visited the gallery and viewed this year’s display have been pleased with the quality and variety of the display.
Student Austin Nash said, “I like the art pieces over here. There’s a lot of quality art.”
Candra Dunn, another Chemeketa student, said, “I enjoy it. I really like the fact we have an art gallery and that the work is made from other fellow students.”
Yuriko Isamar, an artist who is responsible for one of the pieces in the show, said, “I think it’s really cool. I love the diversity you can have. You can have something really goofy and funny or something a little more serious. It’s just fun looking at it”.
Guinne Muir, another student, said, “I have always liked looking at the students’ variety. Each piece tells a different story.”
According to Trousdale, the student show also features awards for some of the artists.
“This year the Art Faculty gave out four scholarships to students,” she said.
The gallery is open daily.
“Everybody should check out the gallery sometime. I have heard students say that they didn’t think that it was for students, but they are our most important audience,” Trousdale said.
For more information about the art gallery, please visit the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery in Bldg. 3.