Chemeketa Courier

Faculty contract agreement reached

By Devin Swift
On Friday, June 1, Chemeketa’s administrative negotiation team and the faculty’s negotiation team reached a tentative agreement during faculty contract negotiations.
Andrew Bone, Chemeketa’s executive dean, said, “On Friday, we reached a tentative agreement. The agreement still needs to be ratified by the faculty’s union and the Board of Education.”
The faculty has not had a contract since Jan. 30 of last year; however, no bargaining took place during the summer.
“It’s unusual for these to not be ratified,” Bone said.
Mark Ferguson, a math instructor and a member of the Chemeketa faculty association, said, “It is really important, we believe, to students, faculty, and ultimately the entire college.”
Negotiations had originally begun in February and March 2012. But after traditional bargaining transitioned into a more informal discussion-type bargaining, mediations went slowly.