Chemeketa Courier

Strokes 4 Scholarships helps Chemeketa students

By Devin Swift
The Strokes 4 Scholarships skills competition for men and women is taking place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 2.
The competition will raise money for the Montez Bailey Memorial Scholarship.
Enoch Aggrey, the Associated Students of Chemeketa member who is planning the event, said, “Montez worked in the Multicultural Center as a student representative for the Student Retention and College Life Office. He was involved in all the projects; he assisted students who came to the office for help, and we want to continue his legacy through this scholarship.”
Bailey, 21, was a former Chemeketa student, who was shot and killed on May 27, 2009, in Salem. 
The entry fee is $20 for students and $25 for non-students. Anyone can show up and compete, but tickets are on sale now and buying a ticket beforehand covers the full competition.

Chemeketa offers free study skills workshops

By Tokiko Kabua

Do you want to improve your test scores, reading skills, math skills or other skills?

Chemeketa offers free workshops from 1 from 1:30 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Study Skills Center in Bldg. 2-212.

Teresa Massey, a study skills consultant, said the workshops are held to help students and to provide advice on study strategies. They’re designed for all Chemeketa students who are interested in improving their studies.

The workshops are a long-time fixture at the college.

Massey said, “They were being done before I came to Chemeketa, but I have been doing them for about 10 years now.”

Massey said she gets her tips for the workshops from multiple sources:  current research, colleagues, study skills textbooks, and her own experiences with students.

D.C. quarrels about student loans

By Jonathan Castro Monroy
Congress holds key to prevent the increase of student loan interest rates.
On July, 2012, if Congress does not reauthorize the 2007 College Cost Education and Access Act, which reduces federal subsidies to private loan companies and increases grants for students, student loan rates will increase to 6.8 percent.
The bill was introduced by Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., in June 2007 and was signed by then- President George W. Bush in September. It will expire on June 30.
The bill gradually reduced interest rates on federally subsidized loans for low-income students to 3.4 percent during the course of the past five years.
With the presidential elections in sight, the situation for students is unclear.

Chemeketa Storm

Courier News Service
The men’s baseball team ended its season with a 21-9 league record
(25-19 overall), placing the Storm second in the southern division.
The next time the team plays will be in the NWAACC tournament in
Longview, Wash.
The first game will be at 9:35 a.m. May 24 against Yakima Valley
Community College.
The women’s softball team ended its season with a 4-16 league record
(8-26 overall), placing fifth in the division.

Local fire station carries reduced role

By Tavis Evans
A reduced staffing level at Station No. 8 has left a smoky future for the campus fire station.
Once the home for many Chemeketa fire protection and emergency services class, the new regional training center in Brooks, along with cuts in city funding, have left the station sporadically unstaffed and unused.
The office of the city manager in Salem, where Station No. 8 is located, explained the reasons for the closure in a press release.
“To keep operating costs in line with resources, the city has made cuts in every department for the last three years. While earlier cuts did not require closing fire stations, ongoing financial challenges require further reductions in all General Fund services,” according to the press release.
“This financial situation, worsened by the recession, is not short-term, and cuts will have to continue for two more years or longer.”
Salem also planned to cut the number of hours at Station No. 11 in West Salem. The city manager’s office said that the stations were slated for reduced hours because they receive the least amount of calls during the year.

Guide to great gams, glutes

By Eugene Heuberger
Salutations, fitness enthusiast.
One of the most overlooked muscle groups when training are those of the lower body. The lower body is the unsung hero behind most explosive, sudden movements.
Typically, training focuses on the upper body; the results are more apparent to others, and the training is flashier.
However, neglecting to train the lower body also overlooks the fact that the majority of lower body exercises burn more calories than upper body exercises, which can further benefit overall fitness goals.
The cornerstone of leg exercise is, in my opinion, the squat. Squats build strength and can help increase flexibility.
Always take special care when squatting to ensure that you are not performing the exercise in a way that strains your knees. You’ll want to keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes facing straight forward.
For concentrated development further down the leg, nothing beats calf raises. Calf raises are most effective when done on a raised platform, with the ankles suspended over the side. However, if a suitable ledge cannot be found, solid ground will work just fine.