Chemeketa Courier

Student show is on display at Chemeketa art gallery

By Amitpal Bains
The Chemeketa Art Gallery in Bldg. 3 is currently featuring a display of student artworks.
According to Deborah Trousdale, the coordinator for the gallery, “We have a very active art department, and our students are very serious about what they do.”
Trousdale said students created the art and submitted them to the art faulty. The faulty members then chose two outside jurors who selected the art for this year’s student display.
“It is important to get outside jurors for student shows so that there is no appearance of favoritism,” Trousdale said.
Not all of the artwork that was submitted for consideration made it into the show. According to Trousdale, 114 pieces were submitted this year; 62 were selected.

After 20 years, DHS cuts ties with Chemeketa’s Job Program

By Amitpal Bains
In the past couple of years, many people who have gone through tough economic times got some help from Chemeketa’s Jobs Program.
But times are about to get even tougher: After 20 successful years, the Jobs Program is being cut on June 30.
According to Imara Jabari, the program’s executive director, “The Jobs program is … designed to help people … improve their independent skills and help them find a job. We have a relationship with some businesses who hire the people we train”.
“We have had a lot of success in the last 20 years. We have helped lots and lots of people find jobs and get off of [welfare], and that’s something we are really proud of. We have helped many people become successful in their lives. Last year, we were the No. 1 program in the state at placing people in jobs.”

Accreditation review gives praise for Chemeketa

By Tavis Evans
The preliminary report from Chemeketa’s recent accreditation review contained high praise from the evaluators.
The five-person review committee from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities evaluated the college as part of a 7-year accreditation review. The college was graded on how well it serves its three core theme areas: college preparatory students, transfer studies, and workforce education.
The accreditation allows the college to recieve student financial aid and gives value to college degrees and credits.
The committee hands out recomendations and commendations to the colleges it reviews. Recomendations are areas or processes that the college needs to improve on, and commendations are areas or processes that are outstanding or deserve praise.
Chemeketa recieved seven commendations and one recomendation.
Maureen McGlynn, Chemeketa’s dean of curriculum and instruction, said that this was the first time she that had seen that many commendations given to a college.

Chemeketa Democrats

The Chemeketa Democrats club will be hosting Real Talk with Oregon Elected Officials.
The event is from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Monday, June 4, in the Programming Center in Bldg. 2.
Dakota Saunders, the Chemeketa Democrats club ambassador, said, “The purpose of this event is to meet our elected officials who represent us and hear what they have to say about improving our state’s economy and much more.”
Guest speakers will be District 19 State Rep. Brian Clem, District 21 candidate Claudia Kyle, Senate President Peter Courtney, and Secretary of State Kate Brown.
“This election will be the wildest one yet. Our goal is to help when we can – to anyone that needs our assistance,” Saunders said.
There will be an opportunity to ask the guest speakers questions.
“The Chemeketa Democrats is a club that has been established to help promote the views of democracy and to get people more evolved in voting,” Saunders said.

Montez Bailey Club Dance Fundraiser

By Devin Swift
Chemeketa’s Arts of Mentoring Club is co-sponsoring a club dance with the Montez Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser.
Joel Gisbert, the Arts of Mentoring Club’s co-president, said that his organization was sponsoring this event to help bring students and the community together to have fun and to help support the Montez Bailey Memorial Scholarship.
The club dance will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 1, at the Courthouse Athletic Club, 4132 Devonshire Court NE, Salem.
Tickets are available starting May 20 and are $5 if purchased before the event and $10 at the door. 
Jennifer Walker Rowe, a recent Ford Scholarship recipient and co-president of the club, said that all of the proceeds from the tickets sales would be donated to the Montez Bailey Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Tournament Bound

By Erick James
The Chemeketa Storm baseball team made the post season this year something they were not able to accomplish last year.

The Storm finished the season with an overall record of 25-21. Their record within their division was 21-9. The record gave them second place in the southern region.

The Storm finished the season strong by winning 7 out of their last 10 games.

On Thursday May 17 the Storm hosted a double-header against South West Oregon. They swept both games.