Chemeketa Courier

Spring into Giving campaign hopes to end campus hunger

By Devin Swift
Chemeketa staff, put down your tuna cans and raviolis.
The Spring into Giving campaign has ended, with Chemeketa’s office of the vice president and chief financial officer as the largest donor, with 353 items.
Tutoring Services came in close with a total of 340 items.
Skye Hibbard, Chemeketa’s AmeriCorps VISTA food relief coordinator, said, “We have had to double the space devoted to the food pantry in the Office of Student Retention and College Life, and the shelves are full. Even as items were coming in in waves, they were being taken home by students in bags to feed themselves and their families. So thank you for your generosity. It is much needed and much appreciated.”
According to Hibbard, the food drive ran from April 17 to 30. The total number of items donated in the two-week span was around 1,770.

Theater by Storm keeps drama alive in a murder mystery performance

By Tracy A.L. LeFebvre
The murder/mystery And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie had its final show on May 8, but this is only the beginning of what is to become of Theater By Storm and the club’s future at Chemeketa.
Everyone involved with the production expressed a passion for the play and for theater in general.
Robert Nove, a Theater By Storm club member, said the group helped him come out of his shell by “being able to pretend to be in other people’s shoes.”
Nove plays the roguish Captain Philip Lombard, an adventurer who is accused of abandoning the men under his command to die in battle, while he escaped.
The play is from off the original Agatha Christie novel Ten Little Indians and is paralleled and written, albeit morbidly, based on the old nursery rhyme.

Softball team field drowns out games while Baseball is in second place in the south

By Erick James
The Chemeketa Storm baseball team has an overall record of 17-18. The team is 13-8 in league play, which puts them in second place in the South Region.
The Storm played at South West Oregon on May 1 and split a double-header. They won the first game 3-1 and dropped the second one 2-1.
During the weekend on May 5, the Storm hosted Lane and split a double-header. They won the first game 3-1 and dropped the second game 3-2.
The Storm’s played again on May 7 at home. The results were not available in time for the current Courier edition.
The softball team has not faired well this season. Rainy weather eliminated the team’s home field for both games and practice, and their record may not reflect how good they are.
The team is 6-24 overall and 2-13 in league play. That mark places them in second-to-last place in the South Region.
The Storm hosted South West Oregon on May 5 and lost both ends of the double-header by 7-1 and 6-4 scores.
On May 6, the Storm hosted Mt. Hood and dropped both games of a double-header. They lost the first game 9-7 and the second game 13-0.
The Storm’s next game will be on May 9 at the softball field at Willamette University.

JUNTOS club celebrates Cinco de Mayo history in vibrant pageant

By Jonathan Castro Monroy
Cinco de Mayo is more than a fun celebration.
On Friday, May 4, at the Student Life Programming Area in Bldg. 2, the JUNTOS club, the CAMP program, and Multicultural Student Services, hosted a Cinco de Mayo celebration from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The event started with a welcoming segment, consisting of the Mexican flag salute, the mission of JUNTOS, a Cinco de Mayo historical background, and an acknowledgement announcement to all the contributors.
Subsequently, JUNTOS performed the “Baile Folklorico, Son de La Negra.”
Victor Perez, a JUNTOS club member and a CAMP student, said, “It’s a traditional Mexican dance that was created in Jalisco, Mexico, which consists of a mixture of Indian and Spanish dance and music.”
The event then moved to the introduction of the JUNTOS Pageant, in which there were nine contestants.

CRU blood drive sucks life from students

By Devin Swift
Do you have any blood to spare?
Chemeketa’s Campus Crusade for Christ club, commonly called CRU, is planning two blood drives with the American Red Cross and is asking for donators.
Jerry Clark, the president of CRU, said, “I am very proud of our Chemeketa students as they have given and continue to give generously to the needs of our community. Through the various community service projects and blood drives, students give with a caring heart.
“CRU has been coordinating only one blood drive per school term in the past. Thanks to CAMP, there has been an additional one in the winter or spring term as well. However, with the current economic shift, there has been a ripple effect to the blood donations in our Willamette Valley.”
CAMP is the College Assistance Migrant Program. It is a federally funded program that supports students from migrant and seasonal farmworker backgrounds during their first year in college.

Volunteering to make the campus beautiful

By Amitpal Bains
Getting involved in your campus and community is a good thing, and many students want to, but don’t know how.
That is exactly why the Student Retention & College Life Center has created the Into the Quad event.
Into the Quad is designed to help clean the campus and to thank Chemeketa’s facility services at the same time. This requires Chemeketa students to volunteer.
The event will be held this year from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 11. It is open to anyone and everyone who is able to join.
A barbeque to help thank the volunteers for their hard work will be offered as well.
Skye Hibbard-Swanson, one of the leaders of Into the Quad, said, “The goal is to get students involved to help improve the campus and to thank the facilities service people for all their hard work.
“I think students want to get more involved in the campus but don’t know how, and this helps students find a way to contribute.”

Guide to core strength

By Eugene Heuberger
Salutations, fitness enthusiast.
Whenever fitness is discussed, core strength is often brought up quickly, and with good reason. A strong core provides the foundation for a wide array of athletic movements.
From my perspective, the modern idea of abdominal exercise has been largely reduced to performing countless crunches.
While crunches are not altogether ineffective, they do not require the same amount of strength and power necessary for full sit-ups and leg lifts.
I tend not to encourage high-volume sit-up training either because with improper form, sit-ups may cause lower back pain or discomfort. Instead, leg-lifts allow for the complete contraction of the core muscles, without allowing much opportunity for awkward contortion of the lower back.
This week’s workout also includes a shoulder bridge, to engage the lower back. A shoulder bridge is performed by lying in the sit-up position with your arms at your sides, then slowly raising your hips and chest upward.