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Questions and Responses from March 6, 2012 Safety Forum

By Chemeketa Public Affairs

During the safety forum, time was given to ask questions of the panel. Here is an outline of the questions and comments provided and the responses given.

Question 1

Instructor at Chemeketa who teaches personal safety would like people to know we have resources here like classes on personal defense and aid and evacuation.

Question 2

Student asked with finals week coming up – Is there a plan in place in case something comes up to disrupt our schedules again?

Response: Recommend that students connect with instructors for updates and adjustments. They are the ones to decide on individual classes.

Question 3

Student would like to know if there is any evidence pointing that this is the same individual making these calls? If so, is it a disgruntled person/student?

Response: We try not to preconceive stereotyupes so as to not limit our investigation. Two calls were made by a female. One call was made by a male. We can’t release any more details while we are investigating the crime. I assure you we have a number of experienced detectives working on the case. Assume when you get a notification that this is not a drill. Only twelve of us here depend on all of you to help us. Report things you see or hear.

Question 4

Student asked are we going to have a drill? If you were in a back hallway or classroom nothing came over the phone. By the time I came downstairs students were chilling, waiting around, not knowing we were supposed to get in our cars and leave.

Response: We need to know when our system is not working.

Question 5

Student asked what is the financial impact?

Response: About 8,000 students and staff were affected by the first bomb threat. The really important financial impact is on students who get cheated out of a day of learning that you are paying for.

Question 6

Staff person noted that at the Santiam center, there was a check list with questions to ask the caller. Wondering if something like this has been considered?

Response: Yes.

Question 7

Staff from building 9 concern – “When I got the text about Building 9. Thinking how to get the rest of the campus safe. I don’t have signal in lower floor. How do we know if we got a text or how do we get alerted? “

Response: No signal is an issue. We are working on identifying poor cellphone reception and are installing equipment to help with reception. Smoke detectors/fire alarms- connected to text and verbal.

Question 8

Students instructed by instructors to turn of cellphone. Alerts in hallways won’t be seen or heard.

Response: We are looking at these devices for classrooms.

Question 9

When evacuation coordinators get notified do they go into every classroom? There was evacuation coordinator the last time. Alert system on Thursday was a hit and miss. Almost as if someone was playing with it.

Response: Evacuation coordinators will want to leave too. You have to take it upon yourself to get out of the building. Have a plan ready for yourself.

Question 10

Are we going to do testing soon? As I said it didn’t get back to tutoring.

Response: Yes, we are going to be testing.

Question 11

Last year there were classrooms with no phone and still are classrooms with no phone today. What is the responsibility of an evacuation coordinator?

Response: They help with a fire alarm with no fire/ smoke. Help get people out. Not going to ask a person to stay if there is a possibility of harm.

Question 12

Why is it that only faculty/staff can be evacuation coordinators? Is there a way that we students can get trained?

Response: Great point. We use staff because we know they’re here.

Question 13

How are emergency notifications sent out? I was in the club room, got a knock, someone telling us to get out. 20 minutes I got the text. Is this how the system works or is there a glitch in the system?

Response: It is a glitch in the system. It is not the best system in the world. We are looking at a different system.

Question 14

What is the procedure for notifying us in Woodburn and how can we partner in your procedure?

Response: Urge our partners to sign up for our system. Woodburn is included.  Always looking for more Building Evacuation Coordinators to get involved.

Question 15

Concerned about uncertainty of coming to school not knowing what sort of measures are being made or will be made to address these feelings of uncertainty of not really know what is going on. Will there be a resource, a website where you can go for information?  Is hard when people off campus know more than we who work and go to school.

Response: If you have anxiety contact Counseling Services if you are a student. Staff can go to HR for EAP services.

Question 16

Rules on concealed weapons-heard that some people can in 4 year universities. You’re saying we should take our safety into our own hands. Some folks might feel safe carrying a weapon.

Response: We follow all laws regarding concealed weapons.  They are not allowed on campus unless you have a concealed weapon permit.  And we take “concealed” very seriously.

Question 17

RE: Building 9. So guys consider bomb threats more serious or dangerous than a shooting. Is that why you only closed building 9?

Response: We take all threats seriously.  Our response is based on all the information available.  The information available on the shooting threat in building 9 was different than the bomb threats.

Question 18

During orientation why not include information in the new employee orientation?

Response: Good idea.