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Chemeketa Awarded Over $1million Grant

By Chemeketa Public Affairs

The US Department of Education awarded Chemeketa Community College a $1,249,795 grant to continue its successful Talent
Search and Mentor Project
. This focused program links qualified mentors with mentees and identifies local students who have the potential to succeed in higher education.

Talent Search and Mentor Project director Susan McCaffrey, said, “We are thrilled to receive another five years of funding for this crucial program. We look forward to helping 544 students each year make positive academic and social choices to put them in the best position to access and succeed in college.”
McCaffrey’s employees expand mentoring and tutoring options for talented students, broaden college and career interests, teach academic and financial aid possibilities, and enforce rigorous curriculum.  Students also have the opportunity to attend field trips and college visits, as well as other activities that include parents, school counselor’s teachers and community partners.

Chemeketa’s Talent Search and Mentor Project will serve students from Santiam, North Salem, and McKay High Schools and from Mill City, Stephens, Parrish, Houck, and Waldo Middle Schools. The US Department of Education awards this grant to serve students in areas of high poverty and in schools with lower graduation rates or other indicators of academic distress.

This grant program was very competitive, and many existing projects did not receive funding to continue. According to the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE), “In this competition, there were 968 total applications with only 435 funded in the first slate and a cut off score of 100. At least 14% of currently funded projects did not receive continued funding.”

Chemeketa has received funding for this project for 10 years. Chemeketa also has grants from the US Department of Education for programs including Student Support Services, Disabled Student Support Services, Upward Bound, the College Assistance Migrant Program, and the High School Equivalency Program.
For more information about the Talent Search and Mentor Program, contact Susan McCaffrey at 503-589-7620. For information about other grants at Chemeketa, contact Diane Schmitz at 503-399-6031.


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