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Accreditation evaluators give Chemeketa six commendations, two recommendations

By Chemeketa Public Affairs

Chemeketa Accreditors Give College Six Commendations, Two RecommendationsEvaluators from colleges around the Northwest completed their on-site assessment of Chemeketa Community College and praised the college in multiple areas of its instruction, services and operations.

Evaluation team chair Dr. Ryan Thomas extolled Chemeketa at a gathering of employees as their visit concluded on April 10. “You all work at an incredible college. It is incredible because of you.”

“It doesn’t get much better than this,” commented Chemeketa President Julie Huckestein.

Accreditation is a critical process for quality control in higher education. It is required for a college to award financial aid, transfer credits to other institutions and serve veterans.

Chemeketa received a letter on April 13 documenting the visitors’ findings. In it the evaluators’ commendations of Chemeketa included its service to students and communities, its commitment to the success of pre-college level students and its rigorous curriculum approval process.

They also recommended Chemeketa could do a better job of measuring indicators that track progress and publishing instructional program outcomes.

The nonprofit Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities conducts regular reviews of colleges and universities in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah.

The complete list of Chemeketa’s commendations and recommendations follows –


  1. The evaluation committee commends the college for its broadly shared commitment to serving students and communities throughout its service area. The main campus and outreach centers have established meaningful collaborations with community service providers that ensure that the campus is effectively meeting local educational needs.
  2. The evaluation committee commends the college for its well designed and beautifully maintained physical facilities on the main campus and at its outreach centers. The facilities complement the caring and supportive attitudes for students demonstrated by all of the campus units with which the evaluation committee has interacted during its visit.
  3. The evaluation committee commends the college for its proactive and consistent approach in navigating the challenging state budget situation during a time of leadership transition at the college. The college has come through this difficult time with adequate reserves while minimizing negative impacts on core programs and services (Standards 2.F.1, 2.F.2)
  4. The evaluation committee commends the college for its commitment to the success of pre-college level students. Its research-based, holistic, multi-strategy approach provides strong support for its ABS/ESOL students as they transition to pre-college or college. Its exemplary programs include alternative placement testing, mandatory and intrusive advising accelerated or contextualized courses, and tuition assistance for these important members of the student body.
  5. The evaluation committee commends the college on its rigorous curriculum approval process and for the support it provides to faculty through the Teaching and Learning Opportunity Center.
  6. The Evaluation Committee commends the college for providing student support services that are well aligned with the institution’s mission, core themes and strategic goals. The college has implemented a number of initiatives and strategies in recent years that demonstrate its firm commitment to student success. Student support services staff are dedicated, innovative and work in a collaborative manner to deliver programs and services. Students emphatically indicated to evaluators that the college provides a welcoming environment that promotes learning, diversity, and strong community engagement.


  1. The evaluation committee recommends that Chemeketa Community College review their indicators and their definition of mission fulfillment to ensure that–
    1. The measurements associated with the indicators provide information that can be used to make programmatic and budgetary decisions. (Standard 1.B.2)
    2. The definition of mission fulfillment maps clearly to the indicators and their associated measures (Standard 1.A.1)
  2. The evaluation committee recommends that Chemeketa Community College ensure that they have published program outcomes for each program and that their assessments of program and general education outcomes accurately and adequately reflect student learning. (Standards 2.C.1, 2.C.2, 2.C.3, 2.C.9, 2.C.10)

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