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Chemeketa’s economic impact to community measured

By Chemeketa Public Affairs

Chemeketa economic impactChemeketa returns more than $4 for every dollar in public funds supplied to it, an economic modeling firm has reported. The economic modelling firm Emsi calculates how the local economy would change if the college and its alumni did not exist.

Among Emsi’s conclusions –

  • The net benefit of the Chemeketa’s operations, employees and students generates more tax dollars than it takes in
  • Chemeketa creates a significant positive impact on local business
  • The colleges return on investment is a net benefit to society

Using data from 2015-16, Emsi calculated –

1) For every dollar that state and local taxpayers give Chemeketa, the college returns $4.10 to government because Chemeketa graduates who stay in the area will earn higher incomes and expand the local tax base

2) Chemeketa and its students added $741.7 million of income to local businesses based on-

  • Chemeketa’s employee payroll
  • College expenditures for operations and construction
  • Relocated and retained students spending
  • The accumulated spending of alumni employed in the region

3) For every dollar spent on Chemeketa, society will receive a cumulative value of $12.80 in benefits due to students’ –

  • Increased income
  • Reduced crime
  • Lower unemployment
  • Better health



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