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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Celebrate with us! Good news for rural enterprise!

By Chemeketa SBDC

We’re thrilled to be a recipient of a $99,000 USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant that will be used to assist businesses in rural Marion County!

You can read the full press release here:!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?contentidonly=true&contentid=2009/07/0344.xml

The award will fund our Small Business Incubator Without Walls program. You can visit this link to learn more about the SBDCs innovative new program.

The awards are being made by USDA Rural Development. USDA Rural Development offers a variety Federal loan guarantee, loan, and grant programs designed to create and retain jobs; to support business, energy and cooperative projects; and to promote sustainable economic progress in Oregon’s rural communities.  The USDA builds cooperative financial partnerships with rural Oregonians.  Further information on rural programs is available at a local USDA Rural Development office or by visiting USDA’s web site at

The grant program that is supporting these awards is the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program.  You can learn more details about the RBEG program at Regular RBEG funding levels support the award of about $38 million.  Thanks to the Recovery Act, the RBEG program is being supplemented this year with an additional $19.4 million.  The awards announced yesterday were from these supplemental RBEG-Recovery funds.

Customer service in the eCommerce age

By Chemeketa SBDC

It is a fact: customers have many options when it comes to buying products and services. Online commerce is convenient and allows people to easily compare prices. Smaller, traditional operations offer an experience and personal touch for the customer. With customers wanting different experiences when buying, how do you compete in today’s “electronic commerce” environment?

The key is to find the right blend of high-tech and high-touch. (more…)

August toolkit: Creating a strong internet presence

By Chemeketa SBDC

Featured toolkit for August: eBusiness Toolkit

This toolkit features an online training, several up-to-date articles, and a worksheet that helps you apply the information to your business.

If you have questions, please let us know!

Grow your business: Small business classes for Fall ’09

By Chemeketa SBDC

Do you want to grow your established business? You’ve come to the right place!


Timely classes for your start-up small business – Fall ’09

By Chemeketa SBDC

Are you planning to start a business? Get great start-up information without breaking the bank!


Before you start your business: a driver’s manual in 4 steps

By Chemeketa SBDC

Jennifer Hofmann

We often say at SBDC that starting a business is like having your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. You’ve got lots of energy, but you’re not sure where to put it. It’s exciting, scary, and confusing all at once.

If you have a business idea, that’s awesome! We’re thrilled for you!

Some people are so excited about their business idea and so certain that it’s brilliant that they’re ALL gas pedal. ALL go. This is dangerous. Why? Because when you’re flying high with your idea, you’re easy pickings for people who want to take advantage of you.

Starting a business IS exciting.

When you have a business idea, a great place to apply the gas is on research. What research, you ask? Every kind of research you can think of! Even though you’ve got a great idea, it’s still an experiment. You have to test your experiment to see if it will work.

Here are 4 practical ideas about how to get moving!


Keeping the customers you have

By Chemeketa SBDC

How do you retain the customers you have? You hate to see them leave your business and go over to a competitor’s but how do you stop them? We’ve all heard that keeping a customer is a lot cheaper than recruiting new ones, but what’s involved in customer retention? How do we get customers to stick around?

Here are some tried and true strategies that you should make an integral part of your customer relations: (more…)

Wanted: Your feedback on our classes

By Chemeketa SBDC

We’re genuinely interested in offering services to you that are timely, relevant and convenient.

In order to meet your needs as a busy entrepreneur, we’d really like your input on our classes in particular. Will you take a moment and answer this short survey?

Click to take the survey

Your time and insights are greatly appreciated!

Entrepreneurship classes (for credit)

By Chemeketa SBDC

Are you ready to put a PLAN in your established (or anticipated) business? The exciting Entrepreneurship “Planning Your Business” series is starting March 28th!

Three on-line classes to put you in control of your business:

ENT 150A – 3 credits

Explore your role as the entrepreneur in your business. The “WHY”.

The first class examines the process of researching, developing, and writing a detailed business plan for a strategic analysis and/or redesign of your business. Centers on the segments of business planning, including opportunity recognition and business concept development or redevelopment.

ENT150B – 3 credits

Concentrate on marketing issues for your business. The “HOW”.

The second class continues the process of researching, developing, and writing a detailed business plan to allow for an analysis of where your business is now and where you want it to be. Focuses on the elements of marketing, including industry analysis, market penetration, and product/service pricing.

ENT150C – 3 credits

Look at your business from a numbers perspective. The “HOW MUCH”.

The third class finishes the process of researching, developing, and writing a detailed business plan. Covers financial planning, including cash flow, inventory, equity and debt, and financial statements. Also addresses plan evaluation and presentation, and next steps in moving your business forward.

All classes (and text) are delivered on-line so you access the course 24/7 when and where it fits your schedule. Each class builds on the next so we ask you not to skip critical steps in building your business plan. Ideally, you complete them in three consecutive terms. In addition to the structure this class gives to your business planning, you earn transcript credits (3 per class) and can opt for a letter grade or a Pass/Fail (option must be chosen at beginning of each term).

Cost: $ 311 (per class) .
Instructor: Jimmie Wilkins, Business Advisor, former SBDC Director

For more information and registration, please call the Small Business Development Center (503 399-5088).

Business Success Series

By Chemeketa SBDC

Customers. Income. Time.

Get more of what you’ve been missing.

Stop spinning your wheels. In the next 30 days, you can have more fans, more cash, and more time.

Session 1: The Secrets to My Success
Each month, a local business celebrity will reveal their business secrets and you’ll have the opportunity to interact and ask questions.

October 5, 2010: Susan Gallagher of Gallagher’s Fitness Resources
November 2 2010: Gerry Frank
February 1, 2011: John Zielinski of EZ Orchards
March 1, 2011: Bert Ortiz of Tico’s Coffee Roasting

Session 2: Five Free Strategies for Growing Your Fanbase
If you’d like more customers who come back again and refer business to you – without spending a dime, this session will show you how.

Session 3: Boost Your Revenue in 30 Days
Stop struggling with cash flow! Get specific no-cost tips that will increase your cash flow in short order. You’ll leave this session with a clear plan of action and the confidence to implement it.

Session 4: From Stress to Sanity
Are you overwhelmed? This positive session will help you think differently about self-employment and find a satisfying path forward – with more time and less stress.

Help your business thrive.

Doing more of the same won’t change the results you’re getting. Add to your business knowledge and start experiencing the freedom and enjoyment that comes with self-employment.

This series also gives you an opportunity to network and share ideas with other business owners in a unique setting. Bring your business cards!

If you have a small business in Marion, Polk or Yamhill county, there is no charge to atted this series. Enrollment limited.

Session dates

Starting in September 2010:
Session 1: First Tuesday of each month, 12-1pm
Session 2: Second Tuesday of each month, 12-1pm
Session 3: Third Tuesday of each month, 12-1pm
Session 4: Fourth Tuesday of each month, 12-1pm

All sessions are held at the Center for Business and Industry, 626 High St. NE (2nd floor), Salem, OR 97301

To register, please call 503-399-5088. Enrollment limited.