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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Fun Calculators

By marcia

If you’re like me, you like gadgets and tools. Calculators are a particular favorite of mine, they’re my weapon of choice when it comes to figuring out how the numbers should work in a business.

Here’s a link to a fun site: They’ve got lots of fun calculators that you can use to do “what ifs” on your business. Try ‘em!

The Credit Card Affect on New Business

By forrest

A report recently released by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation addresses the question of whether firms with credit card debt are less likely to survive during their beginning stages of development.

Not surprisingly, this study shows that credit card debt increases the likelihood of new business failure within the first 3 years of start-up. What makes this report so interesting is that it attempts to quantify the affect. Every $1,000 increase in credit card debt reduces the likelihood of new business survival by 2.2% according to the Kauffman report.

The use of credit card debt is not the only factor that affects business stability, however, many new businesses have limited access to resources including formal credit markets. Consequently, entrepreneurs often turn to credit card debt to finance their new ventures. Credit cards are an expensive way to fund a business, and this new study suggests that reliance on this type of financing may affect financial stability and survival.

The report can be viewed at the Kauffman Foundation website:

Event explores Oregon’s rural economic future

By Chemeketa SBDC

The last 20 years have witnessed the unprecedented rise of supermarkets not just in the developed world but also in emerging markets.  This together with the globalization of the food chain has transformed traditional agricultural and food export opportunities.

Concentration and modernization of supermarkets and agricultural markets generally is now a global phenomenon with tremendous ramifications for Oregon’s processors, wholesalers, and farmers.  Oregon’s agricultural and food sectors now literally face a challenge and opportunity of global proportion.  How we respond to these developments may largely define the strength and future of Oregon agriculture and our rural communities.

You are invited to what promises to be a stimulating, brainstorming talk by Dr. Tom Reardon of Michigan State University’s Department of Agricultural, Food & Resource Economics.  He will explore world trends and suggest strategies on how Oregon can emerge as a global “winner” in the dynamic new world market. (more…)

August Book Recommendation: Secrets of Online Persuasion

By Chemeketa SBDC

Secrets of Online Persuasion

If you’re wondering whether a blog would be good for your business, this book is a fantastic resource. In simple terms, the authors describe how a blog can increase the visibility of your business and allow you to connect more meaningfully with potential clients.

This book is available for loan from the SBDC library or for purchase on our website. For more information, here’s the link:

Already read it? What did you think?